How it Works

For every buy-in a 35% Community Entrance fee is charged, set aside, then divided out in dividends to all current token holders, the more tokens you own the more divs you’ll receive. For every Sell a 15% Token Exit Fee is set aside then divided out in dividends to all current token holders.

Community Volume Strategy

Proof of community is based on the 80/20 strategy meaning that you keep 80% of your Divs and we encourage you to put back in 20% to move volume. We all push together. (However you are more than welcome to keep all your divs if you really need all of it.).

Smart Contract

PoC is based on a smart contract run on the ethereum blockchain. It’s modeled after Powh3D. However, we have changed the percentages of buys and sells and removed the token tranfer fee for future projects. It is not run by humans, immutable, self sustaining to live as long as the ethereum blockchain is in existence. We also have a back up exchange that also runs should the site go down. 24/7 PoC lives on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

Community Concept

Connect with our Communities and be a part of an ever growing group of liked minded Passive income hungry individuals. When we work together and push the volume together everyone gets divs and all communities will grow, together.

What is PoC?

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Earn 35% Dividends on every Buy, Earn 15% on every sell and trade

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Proof of Community is about the Power of Community

Partnerships of trusted communities.
With the backing of the community and everyone working together you know we can and will be moving volume together. Play one or play them all either way you’ll be making divs 24/7. Each Proof brings with it a uniqe dividend share.

20% DIVS from PoG

NOTICE - POG Site is UP but the Community is Not Active


35% DIVS from PoC

PoC is live !


Join our Community

Connect with us on discord to get all the latest news and to connect with the community
or check out our telegram for some straight up crypto talk.

No Pump and Dump

Your doing a disservice to the community if you just pump and dump and go elsewhere. Instead, why not spread it out evenly and play the game with our trusted friends? By using our friends we do not spread ourselves too thin but stick together and keep the volume moving.

Think Differently

Strategy is Key

You don’t have to feel particular to one token. This is a game of strategy. Check out the divs that are paid out through each of our partners. Experiment. The only thing I ask is that you stick to PoC and our partners and trusted sites. Be aware that If you go outside of the site that it can affect volume. Play to get your ROI back first always.

Which type of Player are you?

By knowing how you are going to play you can strategize for yourself and at the same time grow with the community. The more you know the more divs you can earn steadily. And the way you play does truly benefit everyone.


Your doing a disservice to the community if you just pump and dump and go elsewhere. Instead, why not spread it out evenly and play the game with our partners? By using our partners we do not spread ourselves too thin but stick together and keep the volume moving.


Active players are the extroverts. Your here to make money. And the more you can make in less time the better. Share your Masternode actively. Don’t spam it rather share it like you’d share your favorite movie. Invest in the Higher div tokens to earn more. Shill on a YouTube, steemit, Reddit or your own blog. Use social media to reach more people. Employ affiliate marketing tactics to increase your earnings. Active players use there Masternodes and divs in a combination together to earn more.


Active/passive players are the more well rounded players. They HODL for the long term and shill their Masternode. Active/passive players connect with a variety of communities to get there Masternodes out and share experience. They may not be active in blogging, social media, YouTube or affiliate marketing. But they stay close to the communities and help newbs to understand the game.

Trusted Friends of PoC

Besides PoWH3D being the original, these are trusted projects Proof of Community fully support and back. There are many so called copycats that are created simply for quick returns and developers leaving the project after making a quick buck. Our trusted communities will never leave you high and dry. These projects share our same vision and philosophy.

Coming together, uplifting and motivating one another. No FUD here. Positive vibes.

Proof of Weak Hands 3D

They the ones that started it all. Without PoWH we wouldnt be here. Much respect to the original.

Get P3D

That classic 8bit style of Gaming backed by a solid dev and communtiy.

Get Some Bits


Throw some pooh at the wall and see how much of it sticks.

Get Pooh

At Proof of Community we are commited to the growth and education of all our token hodlers.

We have a lot planned for 2018 and we do not plan on resting anytime soon. These are the projects that we are currently working on. We will share announcements and details in our weekly Live broadcasts. Owning POC token is not only about collecting divs, its really about startegizing and utilizing the token so you can truly win financial wealth and independance. Come play the game with us.

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You can get ether Here.

I'm not encouraging you. However, if you want to use your credit card to get some ether to get PoC you can. Dont get yourself in debt. And make sure your wife or your husband knows what your doing. Buying with a credit card youll need your ID just have it ready a passport will do. Takes about 30m for a tranction to complete. Goes directly to your ether wallet.

In closing... About POC in a nutshell

Managed by a smart contract entirely

No human involvement in managing the ethereum, at all. Period. Contract is immutable and automatic forever on the blockchain. We simply manage the site and community.

Automatic pricing

Value is directly related to how many tokens exist at any time.

Volume based earning

35% of Buy-in and 15% of sale volume is taken as fees, and is automatically split out as Eth to all token holders.

Active-income Staking

Masternode system allows you to recruit more and get instant ETH rewards. Plus everyone gains from the volume!

Not a "Concept" token

Each token has intrinsic value, as every token is backed by the eth already in the contract (try to find another crypto that does this).

No Transfer Fees

For the future development of POC token games this feature is implemented. PoC token games will keep players actively playing and keep volume moving constantly.